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The Employer's Guide - Creating a Collaborative Environment?


The Employer's Guide

Creating a Collaborative Environment?

The FFWO requires
businesses to maintain
a framework that
supports flex requests.
Companies can offer
standard request forms
and letters or the consistent
guidance available.
You may wish to develop
and communicate policies
to make your view of FFWO
clear, step-by-step.
Flex requests are widely
used. Here are the tools
to manage them and
maximize flexible schedules.


Success Depends on Everyone Doing
His or Her Part – and Doing it Well

Flex Request Resources

The pioneering SF nonprofit New Ways to Work began introducing flexibility into organizations four decades ago.

Today New Ways sponsors Collaboration@Work, a project supporting superior implementation of the new “Right to Request” ordinance.

It collaborates with employers, government and employees to build a more flexible San Francisco.

SF-FFWO Website
The City’s Office of Labor Standards Enforcement enforces the new law. This official site hosts the law, forms and official information.

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