Life is boring if we’re not allowed to flex

Lets be honest here. We all work really hard to make sure that we make enough money so we live comfortably, travel the world on our own terms and just do whatever we want to do. For some people it might be finding a nice girl and settling down with her, having a couple of kids and enjoying life. The white-picket fence life.

For others it might be becoming a life long bachelor, traveling from country to country, going on adventures and making new friends everywhere you go. Whether that means skiing in the Swiss Alps or chilling at the beach in Rio De Janeiro. But there’s one thing that we all love doing, is flexing. Whether it is with the beautiful kids that we have and the beautiful wife. Or whether it is by posting that incredible selfie from the top of the Swiss Alps. We want to show the world that we are doing what we want to do and we’ve been successful what whatever profession we chose.

So why stop and hide that. Lets unleash the flexing and live a fun life.